About Ms. Harris & Her Quest

I taught my teddy bears growing up. Everyday after school me, my friend Tina and her older sister ran a very sophisticated operation. The doors had classroom numbers, we equipped ourselves with a separate room as the teacher's lounge, we developed a mechanism for us "teachers" to punch ourselves in and out of work and used the remaining pages of our old workbooks as work for our plush-toy students. Without knowing it specifically, we had lesson plans and expectations. We had an intricate grouping system for the students in our school and graded students accordingly. We often discussed what we could do about certain problem students and were reflective little teachers in our own right. With all of these considerations, we left out one detail: we never named our school. This education thing, I guess you can say, was meant to be. The bug caught on early. This blog is my quest to not only eat the apple of inquiring minds left on the desk by my students but to spread those seeds, hoping to grow apple trees of learning everywhere!

Me and the kids of North Miami Beach Senior High Generation Next Bible Club

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